Spherical Alumina produced by high temperature oxidation has characteristics of high purity, low ion content, small size.  Spherical alumina powder has high thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, high electrical insulation, high hardness and low abrasivity. It also could improve the surface hardness of the various resins,  rubbers and plastics by filling them.

  • High refractive index of 1.76.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • High strength and good insulation. 
  • Suitable add in various material.


Spherical Alumina is used in thermal conductive filler for thermal interface material, especially in lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles.

  • Heat dissipation sheet for semiconductor electronics packages.
  • Thermal paste for 5G communication device/equipment, high-powder electronics module, IC/ laser diode components.
  • Thermal coating on widely material like metals, plastics, etc.