Our Company

With the rapid expansion of AI、5G communication and new automotive  technologies, the demand of materials has become stricter.  Zipro Technology Corp remains as a supplier of advanced ceramic materials providing customers with the best solutions to meet these requirements.

Our product solution services have expanded to foundry, refractories, ceramics, friction brakes and abrasives, optics, battery energy, electronic components, SOFC and 3D Ceramic Printing.

We believe that innovation always starts with the right materials.  We are confident that we will be your most trusted business partner.

The Possibilities of Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics offer a diverse variety of uses, both in products that are a crucial part of everyday life, and in solutions to resource, energy, and environmental issues. As time goes, the roles they play are expected to only grow more important.

Where advanced ceramics are used now?
  • Machinery, Aviation, and Space Exploration
  • Chemicals and Environment
  • Everyday Life and Sports
  • Energy and Batteries
  • Automotive
  • Electronics, Information and Communications
  • Biotech and Healthcare
  • 3D Ceramic Printing

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