About Us

Zipro Group

ZIPRO TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION is a leading international advance zirconium material solution provider in zirconium material application, manufacturing, and supply. Offering a range of premium quality products  and implementing vertical integration of zirconium-related resources, thereby matching quality standards of material application ; for example , high-speed 5G housing applications, 3D printing technology, and SOFC. Effective manufacturing, optimal designs, and the unique properties of zirconium, all combine to achieve core competitiveness with our products.

ZIPRO is a subsidiary of VESTPRO INTERNATIONAL LTD., one of the largest shareholders of IMAGE RESOURCES (ASX listed: IMA ) and one of the major shareholders of ” THE WIM150 MINERAL SANDS PROJECT “, a zircon mineral development project in Australia. IMAGE and WIM 150 mineral resources will both fulfill ZIPRO’s supply chain demand.

ZIPRO is also the exclusive global distributor of GUANGDONG ORIENT ZIRCONIC IND SCI & TECH CO., LTD. (stock code:002167), Our vision is to reach a common success and a sustainable future by leveraging the power of long-term partnerships with IMA and OZC – built on integrity, reliability, and innovative solution thinking.


Our Mission Statement

Zipro’s mission is to be recognized as the global leader in the ceramic materials industry, providing our users with innovative &  reliable service, support. We also strive to achieve our goals and control the quality of our products to international standards.


No Best,  Only Better !






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